PBR and real IP between internal networks

Hi, recently I have configured this on my router BGP Example — VyOS 1.5.x (circinus) documentation and everything works fine, devices in can ping etc.

Only one thing (bug potential) I noticed is that when I connect from to on I don’t see the real ip ( only my gateway (vyos) which is problematic because I can’t set up any ACL in for example NFS server. When I disable PBR on interfaces the issue is fixed.

My questions: can I somehow fix it? I don’t see to many options except main table. Or is it not a bug and I should use something else to achieve multiple uplinks? I googled it for a while but I didn’t find anything useful and I am not an expert on networks. Thanks!

Difficult to say without config and network diagram. You didn’t provide any output. If you see gw address instead of the real address I guess you use NAT somewhere.

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