Performance Question


I would like to mount production enviroment up to 5000 pppoe and up to 10 Gbps traffic with plans 200 Mbps bandiwidth average.

My question is if hardware and vyos 1.3-rooling supported this.

Xeon E | 32GB | SSD 120 | 2x GbE + 2x 10 GbE | Rack
Processor: Intel® Xeon® E-21xx/22xx
Motherboard: Gigabyte® Server Board Xeon, Model C246M-WU4
Memory: 32 GB Crucial® DDR4-2666
SSD: 120 GB Crucial® BX500
Dual Port 10 GbE: Board Intel® X520-DA2 (2x 10GbE Fiber)

Hello @netocarvalho, I think it should be possible. But I think need additional tuning in this case, like disable spectre patch, enabling RPS, increasing ring buffers.

Hi @Dmitry thanks for you attention. Would you can send me something in documentation about tuning in VyOS?

You can read more about additional tuning in our docs