Performance with Intel Atom or celeron processor?

Hi team,

Does any one have feedback about running vyos on bare-metal hardware with Intel Atom or Celeron processor 4core or 2core? I purely going to use Vyos for DMVPN or ipsec vpn which might range from 2-10 tunnels max with BGP/OSPF dynamic routing and accumulated bandwidth would not go above 150 mb/s

Which one would scale or perform well? I mean just a thought

You can go with AMD athlon 200GE or 3000G. It would be low power and sufficient for your requirement.

@mafiosa cores? 4/2?

it is 2 core 4 thread cpu

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Hi, to all!

@mafiosa there’s an issue with those CPUs because it requires to reconfigeure motherboards in some case. Yes, it wins with TDP, but Intel is much more comfortable if we say about “Buy&Use”

@blason there’s no Atom/Celeron with 4 thread and it requires more power. But the difference is 30 Watt wich is not so much. Also Intel have much better virtualization if you want in to use fore something more (for example to use VyOS via Virtual Machine). In the same time there is no Atom/Celeron with 4 threads.

upd. my bad: there is Atom’s with more than 2 threads Intel Atom® Processor Product Specifications

Also I can really recomend use Intel because of Virtualization and CPU instructions for some purposes