Picopc mnho-113

Anyone tried out the PICOPC MNHO-113 for Vyos?

It looks very cool, but I can’t seem to find much in form of a review or any feedback on the device. If anyone has used this, or even one of their older devices, I would love to hear about your experience!

Serve The Home on Youtube have reviewed several of similar models:

In short one can summary it to there are quality assurance problems with units that suddently dies so its a hit or miss.

But the lifecycle development is so fast so where for example Intel releases a new NUC once a year (well yeah now they discontinued the NUC team and is directing NUC customers to Asus but still) these small x86 machines (mainly built in China) gets a new generation like every month.

Sometimes so quick so before the video even had the chance to be edited and published on Youtube there was already a new generation out fixing previous issues (and introducing new issues).

There is also alot of, how to say it, “copying of design” between various manufacturers in China so you must do your due diligence to make sure you get the model and generation you are expecting.

It works, comes will Mellanox connect-x 3 10g card
@n.fort did some basic performance testing

Belive me this model of hardware is not suit to be a router. Since It is very hot when it running. It even cause server down. To let it works , you need fans to cool down it.

On internal test we were able to route almost 20 Gbps between two interfaces: 2 NICs in use, bidirectional traffic.

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