Ping Ctrl-C error

Version 1.3.2
If you start a ping and then realize immediately that you don’t want to run ping and hit Ctrl-C the system pukes a Python Traceback

ping puke

It’s not really causing an issue, but it’s a bit weird.

There does not seem to be any issue with ping command, please check if there where any issues
while building the VyOS image

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No errors when the image was built. We’ll just ignore it, it’s not causing any issues. Thanks

I would guess the error is due to that the command is issued through op-mode in VyOS.

It should be possible to add better errorhandling so when interrupting ping or traceroute or similar shouldnt fail at python level with the puke described.

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Yeah, that’s really the only reason I posted it here. It doesn’t break anything. There is just some missing error handling somewhere that could be cleaned up.

Sorry, wrote a post in the wrong thread :slight_smile:

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