Ping not working on single subnet install


I am setting up a lab environment in VMware (ESXi 5.0) using a distributed virtual switch that is connected to a physical switch that connects the hosts together. The DVS is set to accept MAC Address changes, forged transmits and promiscuous mode. I have a default setup on the vyos router with just an IP address on the interface. When I ping the eth0 interface address from any VM, I get a response. When I try to ping the address of another VM from a VM or from vyos, I get request timed out. I have even tried set protocols static route next-hop and that did nothing different (I have removed it).

The subnet is and the DG on each Windows VM is set to point to the .1 address on the eth0 interface of the vyos VM. Can anyone help me out? If you need me to post any code from the VM, I will need some guidance - I haven’t used any flavor of Unix/Linux in many years.



You have on portgroup in a DVS with some windows guests and one Vyos router?
This is on one VLAN?
The Windows guests may ping the router?
The router can’t ping the Windows guests?

Have you checked the firewall on the windows guests, ping is not allowed in the default firewall configuration.
Can you ping the Windows guests from another Windows guest?


Ok - I turned the firewall back on, rebooted the servers, removed and re-added the vNIC and turned the firewall back off and it all started working right. I’m not sure what happened, but it’s all good now. Thanks for your input ArneO