Policy routing dscp/fwmark match

from time to time I need to reclassify traffic at outoging interfaces. the problem that policy routing
has no match criterias as dscp/fwmark, e.g.

set policy route RECLASSIFY rule 10 dscp 63 mask 0xf0
set policy route RECLASSIFY rule 20 fwmark 20 mask 0xa0

In 1.4 you can use policy local route T3702

set policy local-route rule 10 fwmark '42'
set policy local-route rule 10 set table '100'

It generates the next rules

vyos@r1-roll# sudo ip rule show
0:	from all lookup local
10:	from all fwmark 0x2a lookup 100
32766:	from all lookup main
32767:	from all lookup default

it is ok to mark packets, but I am talk about packet match. right now I can match, for example, tcp packet with src/dst/src port/dst port, but I can not match packet tos field

You can try this workaround
set “fwmark” match DSCP value