Policy Routing - Setting different default route

I have an IPv6 prefix that I would like to provide a different default route to. I can do this via a policy route, and it works great. However, I’d also like to leak all of the smaller routes (anything smaller than /0) from the main routing table into the policy route’s table.

Is this possible without going down the VRF rabbit hole?

The instance in question is running VyOS 1.4-rolling-202303100317.

Could you provide an example with some addresses?

Apologies…I ended up changing my approach with IPv6 at this location and no longer need different default routes. But basically I was trying to figure out how to allow the router itself to still use ISP provided IPv6 but have clients use HE Tunnelbroker. So I would’ve needed the router itself to use the ISP’s default route, but the clients behind the router to use a default route that points to the Tunnelbroker interface. However, I wanted the Tunnelbroker prefixes to share all the routes from the main table (mostly learned via BGP) other than ::/0.

At any rate, I’ve decided to give prefix delegation a try and hope that the ISP doesn’t change things on me too often…heh. We’ll see how this goes…