Pool pppoe server vyos


I wonder if in vyos 1.2 there is the possibility of using two pool of ips in pppoe-server.

https://vyos.readthedocs.io/en/latest/services/pppoe-server.html see client IP pools.

It is true in current branch but not in crux. Any plan to port it to crux?

I can’t promise that it will be in crux, but I re-opened it to get it backported eventually.

Dear I did not understand your answers.

But the problem I have been facing, is because I didn’t find in vyos how to use more than one pool, so I can’t connect many clients, at risk of missing dhcp ip.

You can only add multiple subnets in the rolling releaese image. I can’t promise that the feature will be added to 1.2.3 (Crux).

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