Port Mirroring - [interface] is not valid

Hi, I am having trouble configuring port mirroring. I have my internal network connected to eth1, and want to mirror to eth2. When I use the

set interfaces ethernet eth1 mirror eth2

I get the error “Configuration path: interfaces ethernet eth1 mirror [eth2] is not valid Set failed”

What is going on? I’m running 1.3-rolling-202307091431

I don’t think it should matter here but just in case, both interfaces “work” otherwise, as in devices connected to them get IP addresses from the DHCP server, can access the internet, ping each other, etc. They are configured on different subnets though? eth1 is and eth2 is

Hi Mavec1999,

I guess you are running 1.4-20230709?

The command is:

set interfaces ethernet eth1 mirror ingress eth2


set interfaces ethernet eth1 mirror egress eth2

Or you can combine them. You can read about it here: Ethernet — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation



Thanks- I am running 1.3-rolling-202307091431 but that actually worked. Seems like the 1.3 documentation is maybe out of date https://docs.vyos.io/en/equuleus/configuration/interfaces/ethernet.html#cfgcmd-set-interfaces-ethernet-interface-mirror-interface

Documentation contained both old and new commands, updated the document accordingly.
Thank you for the feedback.