Possible BUG: "tail -F" does not follow new file [VyOS 1.1.0 (Helium)]


I use “nice tail -F /var/log/messages” very often (on different boxes).

After upgrading two systems from VyOS 1.0.4 to 1.1.0 the above command does not follow the new file, it just stops after the last “… has been replaced; following end of new file”.

Here are the last lines:

tail: `/var/log/messages' has become inaccessible: No such file or directory tail: `/var/log/messages' has appeared; following end of new file tail: `/var/log/messages' has been replaced; following end of new file

I haven’t seen this behaviour on other boxes so far. Has anyone else observed this problem?



I just did some fresh installations with VyOS 1.1.4 (64 bit Image on various vSphere 5.x servers) and “tail -F /var/log/messages” still does not work, but I found a replacement: “less --follow-name /var/log/messages” followed by “shift-f” (e.g. F).


I can confirm I ran into this problem on 1.1.3.


can confirm
tail -f /var/log/messages doesn’t show new lines.

on latest version VyOS-1.1.7