Possible to shutdown/suspend/disable VLAN 1 in VyOS?

When dealing with bridges VLAN 1 often have a “magic” purpose of always existing.

It will be like the /dev/null interface where whatever doesnt match a defined VLAN will be considered part of VLAN 1.

This can be a security problem where given a quick look at the config things might look to be properly setup but then you have VLAN 1 lurking in the shadows and interconnecting all interfaces anyway which can be kind of bad…

For example in VyOS:


It is not valid to use the vif 1 option for VLAN aware bridges because VLAN aware bridges assume that all unlabeled packets belong to the default VLAN 1 member and that the VLAN ID of the bridge’s parent interface is always 1

One mitigation for this with other vendors is to do a combination of always define “allowed-vlans” when configuring a switchport but also to simply shutdown the VLAN 1 like so:

vlan 1
   state suspend
   trunk group DO_NOT_USE

Do there exist something similar in VyOS to disable VLAN 1?

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No. It does not exists.

Thanks for a quick reply!

I have filed this as a feature request: ⚓ T5696 Make it possible to shutdown/suspend/disable VLAN 1