Possible wrong minisig file on monthly snapshots download page

I tried to download vyos-1.3.0-rc6-amd64.iso (vyos-1.3.0-rc6) and
vyos-1.3.0-rc6-amd64.iso.minisig (vyos-1.3.0-rc6)
from monthly snapshots page, via my ISP and via VPN. In both cases, signature check with minisign gives me:

kovalev@mirage ~/Documents [env]$  minisign -V -P RWTR1ty93Oyontk6caB9WqmiQC4fgeyd/ejgRxCRGd2MQej7nqebHneP -m vyos-1.3.0-rc6- amd64.iso vyos-1.3.0-rc6-amd64.iso.minisig
Signature key id in vyos-1.3.0-rc6-amd64.iso.minisig is 69C20BE1367AEBB0 
but the key id in the public key is 9EA8ECDCBDDCD6D1

I did signature check as described in Installation docs(v: 1.3.x equuleus):

$ minisign -V -P RWTR1ty93Oyontk6caB9WqmiQC4fgeyd/ejgRxCRGd2MQej7nqebHneP -m 
vyos-1.3.0-rc6-amd64.iso vyos-1.3.0-rc6-amd64.iso.minisig
Signature and comment signature verified
Trusted comment: timestamp:1629997936   file:vyos-1.3.0-rc6-amd64.iso

Maybe there some issue in the docs or in the minisig file?