Power consumption varies by build

Running 1.3.1 S1 on an APU. When I “show environment sensors” on a version built on May 15 (vyos-1x 3675), I see a power consumption reading of around 4 watts:

vyos@vyos:~$ show environment sensors
temp1: +47.8°C (high = +70.0°C)
(crit = +105.0°C, hyst = +104.0°C)

temp1: +47.7°C (crit = +115.0°C)

power1: 3.75 W (interval = 0.01 s, crit = 6.00 W)

On a build from May 19 (vyos-1x 3679), that power reading is consistently well over 5 watts, and I have seen it spike over 6.

When I rebooted back to the earlier build, the power number dropped back to typically about 4 watts.
(Earlier 1.3.1 builds averaged around 5 watts - the 4 watt readings are unusually low, and the ~6 watt readings are unusually high.)

For my very basic needs, the May 15 build works fine (and saves a tiny bit on my electricity bill), so for now I am running it.

Nonetheless, I am curious why the power consumption would change like this.

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Never mind - I ran top on both builds, saw no differences that could explain the added power consumption, and when I booted back into the later build (that I thought was using more power), it was using no more power than the earlier build. The power figure does vary a bit from sample to sample, moment to moment - I must have just gotten unlucky the first time around.

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