PPPoE 1gbps with HTB performance

Hi guys!

I tried to traffic shape ingress traffic that come from PPPoE interface. The speed link of my ISP is 940mbps for download and 940 for upload.

Actually, I’m able to get the full speed link. CPU cores are at 50% each on full speed.


PPPoE seems to be very CPU intensive. When I use HTB traffic shaping, I’m not able to get more than 500mbps at top.


Is there any optimization that I can apply to get the full speed? My hardware is Intel J1900 Quad Core 2.0ghz. With Intel NIC.

I tried the samething with a router with i3 CPU at 3.7ghz each core and everything is fine.

Hi @fegahthier,

Do you need to share available bandwidth among classes for inbound traffic?

In the case you don’t need that, replacing Ingress Shaping by a Limiter (Policer) should liberate your CPU.

You can also have a look at our System Optimization article, it might help you too.

If I can yes.

I just want to be sure that I didn’t missed any optimization before thinking about using a Limiter.

All system optimizations is already done on my side… No improvement…

I don’t know if playing with smp-affinity instead of using its default auto configuration could lead you to better results. Please let us know if you try.

Hello @fegauthier, please provide your configuration
configuration commands | strip-private
Which VyOS version running?