PPPoE additional Route / Push route

Hi Good day,

I’m fairly new with VYOS is there a way to add additional route to an authenticated pppoe client in PPPoE implementation in VYOS, In RouterOS there’s a convenient route option to a pppoe secret to achieved this

Are you talking about a PPPoE client or server?
Could you send some examples?

PPPoE server, the use case basically if we want to route additional IP block on top of /31 address that the customer get from the IP Pool, we normally route additional ip block for premium customers that needs more public IP, thanks i hope i made my self clear now :slight_smile:

If we are going to use radius authentication with PPPoE this can be workaround by using framed-route attribute this work but not flexible in my humbly opinion.

I logged a feature request from accel-ppp for this feature, I hope this is very easy to implement on their side