PPPoE configuration on mutliple interfaces of the VYOS router


I am working on a setup where I need to configure two PPPoE interfaces on the VYOS router. Based on this link - https://docs.vyos.io/en/latest/services/pppoe-server.html I configured eth1 for PPPoE and its working properly. Now I want to configure eth2 also with PPPoE but with a different subnet as part of it…How can I achieve this with VYOS ?

My current config as below where the eth2 is also part of the same PPPoE server config

service {
pppoe-server {
access-concentrator ACN
authentication {
local-users {
username foo {
password ****************
mode local
client-ip-pool {
interface eth1 {
interface eth2 {

Hello @sujiths80, you can define client-ip-pool only for all interfaces. If you need more flexibility with ip-pool, you need to think RADIUS server.

I think that possible to implement ip pool for users, e.g.
set service pppoe-server authentication local-users username <username> ip-pool <POOL1>


actually do you want to run your own PPPoE server or do you want to have two PPPoE sessions to e.g. your ISP?