PPPoE - IPv4/IPv6

Im using PPPoE Server with Radius, everything works super good but at some time daily, the pppoe customer still connected but customer dont have internet

i have 4 Devices

CORE ROUTER (where i do the nat)
STATIC Customers (This work good)
Business Customers (This work good too)
and the PPP_BRASS_RESIDENTIAL this fail sometimes in the customer internet

But all devices are connected to the core router, with ospfv2 and v3, ldp mpls

whats did you can be happened when customer got without internet and pppoe session stay up.

Hello @AlvinTLC , need to start troubleshooting from the client side.
The first thing, check the traceroute and gw reachable from the client device.
Then check the session on VyOS and try to see traffic dump and packet counters.

show pppoe-server sessions | match <UserName>
monitor traffic interface ppp0