PPPoe Radius and Cisco compatibility

Hello everyone,

I am new using vyos, we are currently using pppoe aggregator cisco asr1000 and asr9k, we are testing the platform and we found no way to apply the speed profiles already defined in our freeradius database.

In the database, the user has the following attributes, where the download and upload profile will be declared.

cisco-avpair += ip:sub-qos-policy-out=DSL-RAD-6mbps-down
cisco-avpair += ip:sub-qos-policy-in=DSL-RAD-6mbps-up

Testing in vyos, we verify that the user registers, but does not apply the profile. I share the configuration in vyos and if someone can help me or guide me how to solve this.


set traffic-policy shaper DSL-RAD-6mbps-down-bandwidth ‘6000000bps’
set traffic-policy shaper DSL-RAD-6mbps-down default bandwidth ‘6000000bps’
set traffic-policy shaper DSL-RAD-6mbps-up default bandwidth ‘1000000bps’


Hi @l.segovia,

Again, welcome to the VyOS community! We’re delighted to have join us.

Question regarding the use of RADIUS attributes with the traffic shaper. Did you apply attributes from RADIUS to the traffic shaper configuration? For example,

set traffic-policy radius-attribute vlanid cisco-avpair
set traffic-policy radius-attribute input-policymap cisco-avpair
set traffic-policy radius-attribute output-policymap cisco-avpair

Assuming that the RADIUS server is correctly sending those attributes.

@fernando could you lend a hand on this issue? Your insights would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @JoeN ,

I don’t have the mentioned commands available, I’m using version 1.3.3 equuleus.

Could you confirm if these commands are available for that version?

@l.segovia – Let me check with my internal team, and I’ll get back to you on this.


Thank @JoeN ,

I wait your answer.

I guess you should send the following format as it mentioned in the description

Cisco-AVPair=lcp:interface-config#1=rate-limit input 2000000 8000 8000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop
Cisco-AVPair=lcp:interface-config#1=rate-limit output 2000000 8000 8000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop

Hi @Viacheslav ,

I have tried this way and it works, but in case of modifying a speed profile I would have to enter user by user to make the modification, instead of having a policy-map where I would modify the policy-map and the change is saved for all the users who use that profile. In my case I have more than 10,000 users, adding that I still have Cisco equipment working as a pppoe aggregator and migrating from one aggregator to another would be a headache and many hours wasted. What I’m looking for is for vyos to work with the current parameters that I have configured in my users.