Pppoe server and mikrotik pppoe client

Hello everyone,

I’m testing for a customer of mine vyos pppoe server. All it’s work fine except mikrotik pppoe client. It seems that client send padt and disconnect and reconnect endlessly, instead every other pppoe clients works without any issue. My running version is 1.2.3 the last rolling.

Can someone know what’s is happening?

Hello @Gullio, I think this problem with Mikrotik and MPPE, in VyOS cli exist special option for this.
set service pppoe-server ppp-options mppe deny
and commit.
If this changes don’t help you, please provide connection log.
show log tail 100 | match pppoe

hello Dmitry

thanks a lot for your advice, infact the pppoe connect as you say. i thinks i good to insert this particular issue on pppoe server wiki on the vyos wiki.

thanks again

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