PPPoE slow, high CPU usage

hello everyone!

thanks to the new possibility to get the LTS images in exchange for a membership fee, I finally got ahold of the VyOS 1.2.5 LTS release. yay!

I saw slow speeds (inbound, connected to ISP using PPPoE on g.Fast). I was able to tweak some system settings according to Dmitry’s post in this THREAD

the settings work just fine, throughput went up to the maximum speed. unfortunately, these tweaks are not persistent. after a reboot they are all set to zero again. is there a possibility to set these values permanently? thnx!


Yes, you can put things in


And they’ll be executed post bootup. So put your script in there and you should find it works post-reboot.

thnx a lot, this did the trick!

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@mikeboss I’m just curious, what sort of before and after performance do you see with these tweaks?

I use pppoe myself, though I’m on a 100/30 plan so I’ve never needed any performance tricks. Still I’m thinking of upgrading to Gig soon. So yea, curious what your before and after numbers are if you wouldn’t mind sharing please?

I should get 500 Mbit/s down. when using the full bandwith (inbound), I’m still seeing 100% CPU load on one CPU core though (running on a PC Engines APU2). without the tweaks I only got approx. 400 Mbit/s. this wasn’t an issue with V 1.1.8 BTW…

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