Pppoe user traffic graph

How can we check pppoe connect user live traffic usage graph. How much bandwidth user is consuming

If you mean current usage, you can see it in VyOS CLI: monitor bandwidth interface ppp-interface
with suitable RADIUS server config, my ppp interface names contain the username.

RADIUS server logs contain statistics updated every interim-update period, which could be like 5 or 15 minutes and go back in history as long as disk space allows. A script could be written that reads the logs and uses rrdtool to make nice graphs.

I checked with ? there is no ppp-interface option in this command

You just put the name of the interface in that parameter.
Like “monitor bandwidth interface eth0” just replace “eth0” with the ppp interface name you want to monitor.
Normally ppp interfaces are numbered dynamically, but RADIUS config can be tweaked to make the ppp username part of interface name (see another of my recent forum posts).

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