Pptp aka 'poptop' still being used?

Hi all,

is there still anybody out there using pptp as VPN? If so, can you please let me know what keeps you with pptp and where are you using it.

thx in advance.

there is client in all windows since 98 i think
it’s not that secure, but fast enough

Yeah, I figured. I can only test with linux, I don’t have any windows system, but I assume it should work as well.

it definitely works! i use it every day to connect from ubuntu systems to various VyOS systems… As Apple has killed pptp from MacOS i have switched to IPSEC/L2TP VPN there - and also for windows, but it is still easy to use it on linux. for the purpose i am using it -> secure enough :slight_smile:

@tglynx I know it’s been a long time, however I’m about to release the first accel-pptp version into the rolling releases and would like to hear feedback from you as well as if you have any suggestions.