Pre fw syntax change image

I blindly upgrade my rolling release via an auto-script, and now I’ve realised with the new FW syntax it’s a major downside I want to revert. Unfortunately, I no longer have the pre-change image on my router.

Does anyone have the latest image prior to VyOS 1.4-rolling-202308040557 available to download?

Thanks in advance!

You can use 20230811 it should contain the old syntax.

This one?

The fw documentation suggests different, which is why the confusion

Also, for those who haven’t updated to newer version, legacy documentation is still present and valid for all sagitta version prior to VyOS 1.4-rolling-202308040557:

I think it would be useful if you marked the final rolling release pre fw syntax change, and pinned it as a download for the foreseeable future.

this bit me this weekend too, very annoying lol

use 1.4-rolling-202308111749

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@h00k thanks a lot. I will roll back to that version for now.

Tempted to back port my config to 1.3.3 LTS until I see how 1.4 LTS is going to work out syntax wise…

if i could afford the LTS i would probably do that myself :wink: im running smoothly on 202308111749.

I’m in the same boat, still waiting to hear back how home/lab users can get LTS without having to invest hardware levels of cash.

I’ll build a 1.3.3 LTS iso. Almost the same.