Prevent Console Screensaver

Hi all,

First time poster so please be gentle!

We’ve been having a couple of issues with some of our vyOS boxes rebooting and/or hanging. When they do hang we’re not able to see what’s on the console because after a while a ‘screensaver’ kicks in and the screen goes blank. When the machine is hung we can’t wake the console from sleep to see any errors.

I’ve tried a few Linux commands but none of these seem to work. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


What version are you on? I have the rolling ones since may with no issues. I would suspect that your boxes go into suspend or sleep mode. what hardware do you have it running on?

Hi @hagbard,

Thanks for the reply, sorry I’ve been away.

We’re running 1.1.2 (Helium) at the moment, running as Virtual Machines on a Proxmox Cluster. The VMs aren’t going to sleep, just the console is going blank so if they do Kernal Panic, we can’t see any errors because if they crash, we can’t get them to come out of the ‘screensaver’ so I’m just looking for a way of disabling the screensaver.

I’ve never played around with 1.1.x, I think 1.1.9 is the latest one anyway and you should certainly update (security patches). Other than that, did you try adding consoleblank=0 to grub?

I’ve tried putting consoleblank=0 into GRUB in numerous places and it just seems to get ignored and defaults to 1800 no matter what I do

I haven’t tested it yet, but do you have the same issue with 1.2 (rolling releases)?