Problems while trying to create a "master" machine image


I am using Rolling 220305.

I’m doing a configuration that will act as a master. Beyond a basic configuration with NAT, I am removing the interface hardware-ids. I am also trying to delete the Loopback interface.

When I issue the shutdown now command, one of the log messages I see is
[FAILED] Failed unmounting /usr/lib/live/mount/persistence
[2643] Failed to unmount /usr/lib/live/mount/persistence: Device or resource busy

I also see a device or resource busy for the loopback interface

Can I safely ignore these errors?


A question just because I’m curious…: Why do you want to make a “master” like that? Why not automatic install then apply a configuration based on the out put from “show configuration commands”?

I build about 25 of these at a time via PowerCLI, and they are all meant to function exactly the same way. Since the only difference in the machines is the MAC addresses, it’s easier just to create clones of a master than it is to deploy 25 installations and then apply a configuration in a second step.

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