Proposed Firewall UI Draft - Check This Out!

Hello VyOS Community Members!

:raised_hands: We’ve already shared this on our social media channels, and now we’re excited to share it here as well. One of our talented members has generously shared some initial drafts of the proposed VyOS firewall UI. We are thrilled to have community involvement in shaping the future of VyOS.

You can access the proposed firewall UI drafts on Figma by following this link:

We invite you to actively participate by leaving your comments and suggestions directly on the designs. You can leave your feedback by pressing “C” or clicking on the comment icon within Figma.

To explore the current UI drafts and engage in the discussion, please follow this link:

We are thrilled to have community members actively contributing to the development of VyOS. Your input is instrumental in creating an outstanding user experience. We encourage you to take a moment to explore the drafts, share your thoughts on the Figma designs, and join the discussion. Together, let’s make VyOS even better!

Thank you for your continuous support and engagement.

Best regards,
The VyOS Team


Vyos with a gui will be a huge step forward for more user xp, not every user want to use the cli


Just my own personal opinion here, but, hopefully the CLI isn’t abandoned or made a second class citizen in favor of GUI. The whole reason I came to VyOS was for the CLI and the fact that it is more of a router focused distribution (with good stateful firewalling of course). IMO, there are already other projects out there with GUI’s and fancy firewall capabilities, if that is what I wanted I would be using those.


I agree. Even if it is a learning curve to be using CLI once you start doing so you will find its so much faster and easier than digging through some GUI back and forth.

With that being said I prefer GUI for a quick “get to know the product” but once in production I prefer CLI.

Vyatta seems to already have a proper GUI available: Web GUI page — Dashboard | Vyatta Network OS Documentation

Systems that are based on CLI will often struggle by slapping a web-gui to that. Compared to lets say PaloAlto Networks who went first with the web-gui and later added a CLI goodie bag.

When doing web-gui a request would be to be able to have a terminal through the webbrowser.

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@Apachez @p252 Thank you for sharing your perspective and ideas, as they help foster discussions and drive the evolution of VyOS to better meet the needs of its users.

Cheers :beer: :beer:!

Any updates regarding this or new screenshots available? :slight_smile:

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Hi @JoeN

I’m not super well versed with Figma having only worked a bit with XD, but wanted to understand how to navigate the mockup. Is it meant to be clickable where you press the play button and can click through the prototype or are we to go into the individual screen and comment?

Hi @ginko,

While I’m not a Figma expert, I’ll do my best to help you out. The play button, it’s generally means you can click through the prototype to observe how different screens are connected. For more detailed feedback on specific screens, you can navigate to each one individually and leave comments directly.


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Quick guide to help others view the prototypes.

  1. After creating your Figma account and/or logging into Figma when you click on the second link above you’ll be brought to a page that looks like below:

  1. From this page, on the left side under Pages click on “Login” and then navigate your mouse to the far right and click on the “Play” button. This will load the login page prototype full screen and from there if you hover your mouse at the bottom of the page you can load the subsequent screens to view the prototype. See image below for reference.

  1. Once done with the Login prototype, go back and click on the next one and repeat like above to see it and repeat again to see the remaining prototypes.

@ginko :raised_hands: Thank you for sharing the quick guide on navigating the Figma prototypes. Providing step-by-step guidance, complete with visuals, are truly appreciated. This will help others!

Thank you once again!

Have a great day!!! :pray:

Some new here for us?