PXE functionality lost in crux 1.2.2

Through 1.2.0 we have been able to provision our equipment using PXE. We have done it back to the Vyatta 6.0 days, and prior I think. With 1.2.2 the ability has stopped working. The live boot process halts with the message…

Waiting for ethernet card(s) up... If this fails, maybe the ethernet card is not supported by the kernel 4.19.54-amd64-vyos.

We use PXE to provision everything Windows, Mac, & Linux. We have had to build our own initrd’s to include non-free firmware for other projects. We know our way around initrd issues with PXE. But what we are seeing now in vyos is failure with Protectli devices using the Intel 82583V. That is a very common NIC that loads with the Intel e1000e driver in 1.2.0.

What changed and how do we fix it? I did notice that initrd is a lot smaller in 1.2.2 vs 1.2.0, though we have not had the time to pull them open and compare to see what is missing.

We build our own distros, but have also checked the official 1.2.2. Same thing.