[Q]vyatta-op-quagga vs vyatta-quagga


hi there,
i saw 2 submodules vyatta-op-quagga and vyatta-quagga are running. What’s the difference? which one is doing the actual routing protocols?




Additionally, you will find vyatta-cfg-quagga

(in build-iso directory)
git submodule | grep quagga
-e0feba1bb0851d80388c085e7e4c45da84f55f74 pkgs/vyatta-cfg-quagga
-fa30a502a13c4f8f1f945b569aa65944f76b7a4b pkgs/vyatta-op-quagga
-b0cac06a3ccbd1fe8807007653b7fc57e4e8cb0d pkgs/vyatta-quagga

vyatta-quagga: Quagga itself.
vyatta-cfg-quagga: configuration commands eg) set policy …
vyatta-op-quagga: operation commands eg) show ip access-list …

Vyatta-op-XXX: operation commands
Vyatta-cfg-XXX: configuration commands

I’ll summarizing modules list(just pick up README), but it have not completed yet. :slight_smile:

Hiroyuki Sato.