Question: Debugging issues with VMs connecting to default GW


Hi all,

I’m fairly new to the Vyos routers and have come across a random issue and can’t seem to figure out how to track it down or even debug it. The issue is simple. I’ll give a bit of background to my current setup:

I have 1 public IP address that does NAT from my Vyos router to my internal VMs (Hosted in the Cloud). My Vyos router is also hosted in the cloud. I’m running all Server 2012R2 systems, and they connect just fine. I have an ethernet adapter under eth3 with a subnet of 24 and a configured default GW. All my traffic comes from the public through this IP, and it routes to my DNS server, which then routes to other VMs in the network that are configured properly in my DNS. This all works fine. At the router configuration, I have 4 connected routes. All my routes are for my public IP and my internal IPs, with proper subnets.

Now the issue I’m seeing is that, at random times, my VMs will stop being able to connect to the internet (Non DNS Servers). When debugging the wifi adpater on my servers, I find that these non-dns servers lose connection to the DNS server, and the DNS server loses connection to the default gateway. All of my servers have static addresses for my IPs and default GW, and I’ve also ensure that the routes table are up to date and functional with proper MAC addresses and IP address to my DNS server. I can’t figure out why my connection to the default GW is being dropped, and this is where I’m a little lost on how to debug this from a vyos router perspective.

Anyone have thoughts on this? Has anyone come across this issue?

Thanks a lot,
Jesus L.