Question on building new version Intel ixgbe driver into current (rolling)

New to vyos from opnsense/pfsense, absolutely loving the work you are doing here.

I have a specific use case to requires new version of Intel ixgbe to be built into vyos rolling release, is the documentation still stands? I don’t see the script in vyos-build repo any more.

And in general I would like to be pointed to some information or steps to build a new version of Intel NIC driver to vyos will be greatly appreciated.

I have already compiled Intel driver and have the if_io.ko file ready, but not sure where to start putting it to the vyos build process.

I would suggest you to compile some text of why the native driver isnt enough and what the new driver does that the old one doesnt (along with official source of where to get it) and put it as a feature request over at

Or just put it in this forum and someone with a account will for sure put it there for you (in case you dont want to sign up for such).

VyOS is using the latest longterm kernel (6.1.40 as of writing) so that should be sufficent when it comes to drivers: