Question on VyOS and setup with Layer 3 / L3 switch

My home network is in need of a redo and it’s an opportunity to bring in and learn more about VyOS. I’ll gladly document my steps once everything is set up to help.

I’d like to split the external/internal routing between VyOS and a L3 switch as per the diagram attached but have some questions as I’m not familiar with the terminology used and capabilities of VyOS…hoping someone could point me in the right direction in the documentation.

What would the link between the switch and VyOS be? Is it simply a static route or VETH/VIF? My other question has to do with DHCP for the internal network. I’ve read the built in DHCP server to the Brocade is problematic and that a seperate DHCP server should be used.

Can the native DHCP server in VyOS be used to provide ips/hostnames to the internal network or should a seperate DHCP server set up (either in a VyOS container or as a seperate box).

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Hi Georg,

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I will answer your question as good as I can.
The link to switch will be ethX and the vlan is den called vif in the setup.

set interface ethernet eth1 vif 100 address

Vor example. Other vlan are created the same way. Just repeat the command and change the vlan id.

You can run DHCP on vyos and also a DNS server or forward.

Take a look at the documentation section
set system dhcp… or set system dns…

Hope that helps you getting started. If you have more questions I’m glad to help you.

Hi blex,

Thank you for confirming.

For the VLAN between the L3 switch and VyOS it is indeed a VLAN that’s needed? I thought a static route on the switch pointing the next hop to VyOS would be needed instead. I don’t fully understand the difference.


As often it depends, if you would like to route between the vlans then you need to add all clan to the vyos and give every vlan vif an IP in the network in the corresponding network to the vlan.

If your switch is routing and you only present a access port to the vyos then the vyos router do not need clan vif.

On closer inspection on your drawing. What you need is.

set interface ethernet ethX address


set protocol static route next hop

Please see documentation for details on the commands. I’m writing from mobile, so at the moment I can not look it up so good.


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