Raid 1 not created during installation

Well the thing right now is that others cannot reproduce the error you are facing and we are curious of why.

As soon as the error can be reproduced there is something to work against with a fix and knowing when a fix actually fixes whatever issue you are experiencing.

Can you post /proc/patitions?

Image installer is looking for the following lines.

  # the first grep pattern looks for devices named c0d0, hda, and sda.
  drives=$(cat /proc/partitions | \
           awk '{ if ($4!="name") { print $4 } }' | \
           egrep "c[0-9]d[0-9]$|[hsv]d[a-z]$|nvme[0-9]n[0-9]$|mmcblk[0-9]" | \
           egrep -v "^$" | sort)

As far as drive size, it does appear that it’s looking for two of the same size.

When you created your own raid, were you using mdadm?

  # First, trigger construction of previously configured RAID groups
  echo -n "Looking for pre-existing RAID groups..."
  raid_config=`mdadm --examine --scan`
  if [ -z "$raid_config" ]; then
    echo "none found."

This is coming from vyatta-cfg-system/scripts/install. Files should be in /opt/vyatta/sbin on the system. You could maybe add some debug echos there to check what it’s interpreting.