RC9 BGP, VRRP & task-scheduler issues

After upgrading from 1.2.0-rolling+201811170337 to RC9, I notice a couple of major issues.

  1. The problem I reported initially with BGP filters not being applied before bringing up a session (or shutting it down), is back. Multiple peers have tripped prefix filters.

  2. VRRP did not come up…at all

  3. I had a script setup to run on boot that shuts down peering interfaces initially to give BGP time to load. This was my work around of issue #1. However, it doesn’t seem to have run at all either.

set system task-scheduler task ShtdownInterfaceOnBoot crontab-spec ‘@reboot
set system task-scheduler task ShtdownInterfaceOnBoot executable path ‘/opt/vyatta/etc/config/scripts/interfaceshutdown.script’

I need to revert this one back to the previously mentioned rolling build.

I have about 12 hours I can still test if necessary.

VRRP didn’t come back after reverting to the rolling build. odd. but the script to keep interfaces down and bring them up a few minutes later works.

show vrrp
VRRP is not running