Rdns for ipv6 clients?

Hello everyone!

Currently my LAN side is dual stack, I have configured dhcp server to update host file and pdns reads entries from host file to server rdns queries(or queries in my LAN search domain, home.arpa).

I use SLAAC for IPv6 assignments instead of dhcpv6 and in my current setup, rdns does not work for ipv6 clients(and no AAAA records for home.arpa).

I found a few results where there are some tools(probably custom written ones) which lookup mac address of a ipv6 client, see if there is a dhcpv4 lease for this address and then use the same client identifier / hostname for the ipv6 address.

Is there a way to solve this problem in vyos?

“Normally” PTR-records for IPv6 hosts are not setup.

Mainly due to the “privacy mode” when autoconfigure through SLAAC.

The ones who do exist are autogenerated (like aa-bb-cc-dd-ee-ff-gg-hh.example.com or so) but with short TTL to not overflow the DNS caches.

Yess, I saw this in some places but it’s not really helpful. :confused: I want easier identification of clients when looking at iptraf/iftop logs.

I’ll write some thing on my own to do what I said earlier, i.e. lookup mac address of an ipv6 client, add it to hostfile.