Reboot causes BGP route map to drop before BGP session, tripping peer prefix filters



There has been a bug in VyOS for some time now. It occurs when the router is rebooted. What seems to happen is the route maps applied to each peer are dropped before the sessions and killed. The end result is that the session trips max prefix filters on the peer’s router and that usually requires the session is cleared by the peer before it can be re-established.

I’ve found a way around is to disable the interface before the reboot. sudo ifconfig eth6 down, then reboot.


Another possible work around may be to manually shutdown the peer before the reboot.

vyos@vyos# set protocols bgp 65001 neighbor shutdown 

vyos@vyos:~$ show ip bgp neighbors 
BGP neighbor is, remote AS 65001, local AS 65001, internal link
Administratively shut down


You are correct, that is a work around. Except we have 163 peers on one router alone. Running 8 routers in our confederation. not practical to shut each down individually