Recieving "vtysh_pam: Failed in account validation..." when issuing "show ip bgp"


vyos newbie here, so hopefully i’m not asking a question that is simple and answered before. i’m currently having an issue when looking up route information associated with a bgp neighbor. currently the connected between vyos router and a nsx-t environment seems to be established, but i’m getting the following error when issusing the following command: “show ip bgp”

“vtysh_pam: Failed in account validation: Success(0)No BGP prefixes displayed, 0 exist”

here is the version information for vyos:

Version: VyOS 1.4-rolling-202303260914

the relevant bpg config is below:

protocols {
bgp {
neighbor {
address-family {
ipv4-unicast {
soft-reconfiguration {
remote-as 65002
system-as 65001

Am i missing a configuration step? because the neighbor seems to be connected, just vyos is not receiving routes as they are configured within nsx-t. where is the “failed in account validation” is coming from? could this be a bug?



Its something new in FRR 8.5 ⚓ T5110 Show frr op-mode vtysh_pam: Failed in account validation

thank you both for replying so quickly. if I want to workaround this bug, should I just use a nightly version prior to “VyOS 1.4-rolling-202303220317”?



yes, just by using an older version nightly , it seems a comestic-bug …in fact , you can use a different version until we developers fix it.

thank you for the confirmation. i realized after the fact that this was a cosmetic bug and the real reason i was getting zero bgp routes showing up was that inside nsx-t i forgot about route redistribution. once i created a route redistribution policy inside nsx-t, the routes immediately showed up!

Thanks again for the assistance, i really appreciate it!!


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