Recommended hardware to handle a lot of pppoe clients

Hello, I’m new at the forum.

I was looking for information for recommended hardware to setup a new vios system to handle more than 2000 pppoe clients.

I searched in a lot of forums like this and reddit, but I haven’t found anything, I only saw recommendations of hardware but for vpn setup.

What hardware would you recommend for this?

Thanks in advice.

Hello @culkinad. You can handle more 2000 customers and on desktop HW like (i5/i7 ivy-bridge). Main HW params in this case NIC intel 82599 or x710/xl710. As for servers HW - nice choice PowerEdge R640. Also you need to disable HT and enable RPS, because PPPoE is L2 traffic. Of course CPU and RAM frequency have matter.

Hello @culkinad
For perfomance with 2000 pppoe clients we recommend you use CPU with higher frequency. And Intel network cards.
The processing speed of packets on the network will depend on the processor frequency.
Depends on your budget.

Thank you a lot for your recommendations, also, how many ram would be necessary?

Thanks in advance.

For this task 8 GB ram will be enough.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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