Recommended NIC's for performance?



Hello all,

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best NIC’s to use with VyOS from a performance perspective? We’ve had great success with Intel i350 DP, but I’d love to hear any suggestions.



I think Intel is pretty much the way to go. There generally isn’t a huge difference between network cards, short of the el cheapo or super expensive cards.


Yah, good call, Broadcom seem pretty good as well, however we notice that they don’t do quite as well with a high number of PPM.

Hopefully DPDK support can get some priority :smiley:


probably moot these days, but multi-queue NICs are important if you want to use many CPU cores for routing


Do you have an example of a particular NIC which is multi-queue?



look for “MSI-X” instead of “MSI” in the chipset documentation
the tech specs or whitepapers will mention “supports [x number of] transmit or receive queues per port” or “mapped to [x number] of processor cores”

looks like the Intel i350 DP family is multi-queue


Thanks, switching to these instead of onbroad broadcom’s improved our performance a fair bit.