Recurring donations, etc


I coincidentally came across this post here:

When I checked for a donation link I couldn’t find one which I found confusing when I on the other hand read that there’s not enough funding for growing the development team, etc.?

Have you ever considered using something like ? (I don’t endorse the company, just the concept) It would allow recurring donations from very tiny to big amounts. While I personally wouldn’t be willing to donate a lot for what I currently use VyOS, I’d be fine with a recurring donation of 1$/month and maybe many others as well, companies maybe even more?

I know that this donation model allowed this guy to invest more of his time into his open source tools. Sure that’s not full-time but already start.

For bigger undertakings, kickstarter like funding campaigns could be an option.

Just thought maybe this could be an interesting approach for VyOS, too?


we tried donations once, it’s never worked,
so we moved to commercial funding model instead.