Recursive routes?

I have setup loopback for all the routers involved in ospf/bgp peering and set the loopback as router ID. But since then, all the routes are showed as recursive.

Example below:

sh ip route
Routing entry for
Known via “bgp”, distance 200, metric 10
Last update 00:10:13 ago (recursive), weight 1, via eth3, weight 1 is the loopback IP of the router whereas is the interface IP.

Is this a problem?

Can you enclose the paste with ` (or click on the icon for blockquote above the area where you write the post) before and after the block - will be easier to read the paste? :slight_smile:

Regarding “recursive” its just information that it points to a nexthop which isnt directly connected to the device. That is in order to find out the real nexthop (which interface to egress the packet at) a second route lookup must be performed.

This site has a good explanation and example on this topic:

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Well it makes sense then because the nexthop is the loopback. So I can safely dismiss this?

Let somebody else confirm this aswell but I would say so yes.

Seems OK to me, as long as you have another routing protocol (static will do) to learn route towards the remote loopback.