Reload config.boot


how can i reload the config without restarting the router.

for example, when i edit via “vi /config/config.boot” and want to reload the config on the fly. How can i do that?

thanks for your support


same question .
can you implement it in new version ?
it is important feature to have possibility rollback without reload.
my company think to implement VYOS as core router with 10G links.


Yes it’s posible. If you have a new config just copy to /config/. Then in config mode:

[code]load new_config.txt


commit. [/code]

If config is ok (no mistakes etc) after commit, Vyos load new config.

P.s Try to never edit /config/config.boot in real mode.

Perfect, it worked very well …

thanks biedron

Hello All,
I have installed vyos on open-nebula VM successfully no any issue. After that I have set some configuration using set command and commit,save exit successfully and able to see configuration very well but issue is when i rebbot my vyos and see configuration there is no my set configuration . what is the issue i dont know.

Thank you.