Remote management api tasks

Hello There,

Could someone point to the bugs that list the tasks related to Remote management api. I would like to contribute to the same. My name is Jose. I am a Software developer working with a Telco and would like to further develop Vyos.


Hi Jose,

I joined recently too, so I can tell you what I did.
First create an account at, you can see all requests in there. I did focus on vyos 1.2 since I really would like to see the release of it shortly. is a good source for having some direction ins terms of what the development is heading to.
I’m not sure what you mean with the remote management api, as far as I know you have to trigger everything via ssh like you would do it via a terminal (VyOS remote management library for Python).
Hope it helps.

Thank you for the prompt reply @hagbard.
I was thinking about how to expose the library over rest api. I wanted to implement a robust rest wrapper over the python api. Also. the question is, is there a requirement for the same? :slight_smile:

I have

  1. Signed up for phab.

I am also looking at:
2. Improving the remote management api or to see if there is a better way than pexpect to it.


Let me also see if there is something I can pickup from the current list of things and help with 1.2.x

At one point vyatta had a webgui, I never used it but lighthttp is pre-installed. I never looked into it.
Instead of a wrapper you should use locally on the box to get config parameters and then wrap it into your application. You’re gonna need a conf-mode section too, to enable and disable the rest api etc.
You may need to have a framework like django or flask etc. pre-installed too.
I think your idea is great and I had that in the back of my mind too already, but currently I have my focus on the rewriting stuff and fixing bugs to get 1.2 into a release state.
A rest api will be very beneficial for vyos, since you can integrate it easily into automation tools too.

Thanks @hagbard.

Now to figure out how can I get dev access :smiley: and get familiar with the development process, make proposals etc.

You need a github account, the fork what you want to modify and create a task in phabricator with a description of what you are about to do. e.g ‘Task TXXX rest api implementation’, assign it to you.
So, now everyone from the maintainers know that you are working on that and won’t open a feature request. If an external request comes for that, it will be pointed to your task.
Once you have done everything , you request a pull via github, if it satisfies the maintainers your code makes it into the release.