remove ipv6 when your internet is only ipv4


vyos works well , in my atom box.
but , I live in China, no ipv6 is avaiable .
so , I need to disable ipv6 , to speed up my network :

set system ipv6 disable
set system ipv6 blacklist
set firewall ipv6-src-route disable
set firewall ipv6-receive-redirects disable



After reboot on v 1.1.7 , we do not have any zone , nothing in section zone-policy and state-policy , fw don’t works :frowning:
Bug or feature ?? :wink:


remove the following statement from your config

set system ipv6 blacklist

everything will be back to normal after reboot + ipv6 will still be disabled

save configuration somewhere beforehand, as i hit some strange bug|feature after removing this statement and reboot leading to the automagical disappearance of openvpn configuration.