restart vpn no effect


Hi everyone,

i have a weird behavior on fresh installed Vyos vm. I tested it with Version 1.1.5, 1.1.6 and 1.1.7

I have 3 IPSEC VPN connection, after reboot everything is fine, ike and apsec are up and i can ping the other side´s.

The Problem is, i cannot restart the tunnels.
When i do reset vpn ipsec-peer tunnel it takes no effect. I can see in the logs, that there is nothing happened. Also i can se in the lifetime counters of the ike session, that they have not changed.

Also a restart vpn does not take any effect on the ike and the tunnels.

The only thing that works is to delete,,

in /var/run/ directory.

after deleting the files and do a restart vpn , i can see in the logs that the ike are established.

Anyone experienced that too?

best regards