Reverse-proxy VyOS 1.3.2

Hello everyone, please advise how to set up reverse-proxy on VyOS 1.3.2?

I need to redirect from port 80 to 443 and proxy web to different IP .

For example: → proxy to (or FQDN) → proxy to (or FQDN)

This feature available only for 1.4 releases Reverse-proxy — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation

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Currently vyos. 1.3.3 support container, Maybe you can do it with containerized haproxy or nginx .

Any play to backport this feature to vyos 1.3.x?
A lot of function can’t implement on vyos 1.4. So can we plan to backport this feature?

What functionality do you mean is lost in 1.4?

1.4 is the moving forward so if you want the new features that 1.4 provides you should change to start using 1.4.

  1. not release yet.
  2. Can’t customize ip ranges by myself.

If it works fine in 1.4 we can try to backport it

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Go ahead, please!
This is the most important feature for me to replace vyos with pfsense as a reverse proxy server.

  1. A reverse proxy.
  2. PBR

Did you test it in 1.4?
We won’t backport untested features to the LTS release. It is the wrong way.
Also, 1.3 supports “containers” if you want it right now.

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To me new features should be in upcoming releases and only bugfixes should be backported.

So if you want “reverse-proxy” that doesnt exist in 1.3 then you must start using 1.4 where it do exist.

This way the limited amount of developer resources that exists can be best utilized.

Also if you start to use 1.4-rolling today (instead of waiting for 1.4 LTS) then you can also affect the outcome of how things are configured, which features do exist but also verify so that there are no bugs available for the new (and old) features. The more people who use VyOS the more bugs can be fixed (since not everybody use all features available at once).

Note that 1.4 afterall is just 1.3 with added features and bugfixes (and hopefully not too many new bugs introduced).