Right sizing hardware for 10gbps

Hi all,

I am looking for a little advice on the most suitable sized hardware to do 10gb. More to the point - if this hardware is enough to reliably run the edge of our network.

The hardware: Supermicro SuperServer 5019D-FN8TP 1U Rackmount w/ Intel Xeon D-2146NT w/ 32GB ECC DDR4

Background - we are a Seattle based not-for-profit; we were running this hardware with HBSD but we maxed it out… load was way up. HBSD (based on freebsd) doesnt take advantage of all the hardware features however, and some of its networking stack is quite old.

Our network: 10gb transit to HE; 10gb peering over the SIX. Max measured throughput so far (on a hp dl360 gen9 running vyos 1.2.X) was 8gbps symmetrical [with ~20% of that data of the IX]. Seeing 800k pps. We have a few ACL’s and route-maps; but no NAT, VPN or crazy firewalling being done on this router. Its just being a router, and terminating our BGP sessions (~45 of them; mostly to IX peers - no full tables).

We are really keen to see if we can put the DL360 back to its original purpose and use this box as a router… but before I spend the time moving the config over to the supermico (and possibly failing) - im keen to know if folks think it will handle the throughput; or will be a bottle neck again (like it was with HBSD as the OS).

Thanks again for your help and support :slight_smile:


IMHO, this should work fine, but I can’t guarantee it because I haven’t stress tested my own server with the exact same setup (almost - using the 1019D version - same CPU though).

Let me know how it goes!! I’m available to help if you need it, I know the SIX well.

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I can confirm this box seems to handle the current throughput without issues :slight_smile:

And thanks for the offer :wink: - I might hit you up next time I end up debugging an issue with them

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