RIP Delete Command

I’ve seen this issue with OSPF as I’ve been messing with the rolling releases, but now it’s happening on RIP as well:

1: 1.2.0-rolling+201901011637 (default boot)

vyos@router-01-main# show protocols
-rip {

  • interface eth1
  • network
  • passive-interface eth0
  • timers {
  •    garbage-collection 25
  •    update 5
  • }

vyos@router-01-main# commit
[ protocols rip passive-interface eth0 ]
% Configuration failed: validation error.

Please check the logs for more details.

It seems that I am not able to delete the items from command “delete protocols rip” as I could in 1.1.8.

It’s worth noting that I have tried to delete each item separately with the same error as above.