Route Object For my NEW ASN + IPv4


I want to route my new IPv4 range on same VM where my currently /24 with different ASN running.

I contact my DC they told me i just have to create New route object instead of making new BGP any one know how i can do that?

My DC reply

I think the most logical solution would be for you to create a route object on AS30000 for range permitting an origin AS of AS20000. That way you would then be able to advertise the new prefix on your existing session.

(DC ASN) AS10000 → (my Current ASN ) AS20000 → (My New ASN) AS30000

origin ASN is my current ASN where my old prefix already announced


Thank you for reply

My Current ASN AS2000 From APNIC and NEW ASN AS3000 From ARIN. I just want to know how i can advertise my new IPv4 range with new ASN in same Virtual machine where i created my current ASN and range.

I just want to know the BGP commands.

If you want to use both new asn and old asn, you need another peer session with the parameter “local-as”

set protocols bgp 2000 neighbor remote-as '65001'
set protocols bgp 2000 neighbor local-as 3000
set protocols bgp 2000 neighbor remote-as '65001'

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