router on a stick

I have set up a new router in VMware ESXi 5.5u1.
It was working fine, I had an IP on vlan 1 and I could ping and SHH to the router.
I then added our other vlans and when I performed the commit, I could no longer reach the router and it is not routing packets.

I would post the config but I cannot figure out how to get it to save the config to a file. I was able to attach a usb drive to the VM and I get console messages and I can “sh disk sdb format” and it seems to see it but I cannot figure how to copy config to it.

From a conf prompt I tried “save sdb1://vyos.conf” but that doesn’t seem to work.

Thank you.

The config file is at /config/config.boot.

I am aware of the file location but I have no means of exporting it.
I cannot connect to it from the network and I cannot copy and paste from a VM console.

I could manually type it out but was concerned about typos or missing something.

I have added screen shots of the config as a png.

Thanks for assistance.

on something like this i might back out my newer configuration and start over with what you had working

What is the network on ESX look like? What VM port group is the vyos router in? Also, what’s the config look like on the switch that ESX is connected to?